About us

We’re all fans of Bruschetta!! 😀

What is life without entertainment, adventure and great food? Food has always tantalised humans! Wars have been fought over flavouring agents like salt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_salt) and countries now compete to get their indigenous cuisine on to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Modern day humans now have world cuisine at their doorstep. Restaurants have been popping up like potholes and a new need has arisen. We need to know which restaurant is worth eating at and whether it will satisfy our desires.
Well, look no further! Tangled up in Taste, formed by two dedicated foodies and travellers, will bring you the best and most objective reviews on the various restaurants scattered around Bangalore. Feel like dining out, getting a take away, cooking, reading recipes or just menu-browsing, you can find the best place to do right here.
We also suggest great cookbooks, blogs and recipes!

Food. I love it, think it, feel it, make it, cook it, serve it, eat it, etc…I could keep going. When I was little, I used to get any food I wanted by describing it to the nearest person. After getting their mouths to water sufficiently, I tagged along when they headed out to sate their hunger. I’ve tried the local cuisine wherever I’ve been fortunate enough to travel. I’ve had tacos in Texas and new Mexico, Belgian waffles in Belgium, Sunday roast in UK, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to fusion or Indianising food at all, but I like good food which speaks to me (Eat me! Eat me now!). While reviewing restaurants, more than whether its Indianised or not, I care the techniques, how edible the food is, how well the flavours meld together, the service, ambience, mood and prices. That’s about all I can say, more about me when you read the blog! 🙂





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