Bella Mooz

Where it is: 16/2 Phoenix Arcade, Church Street, MG Road Area, Bangalore

Type of food served: Dessert

Pricing: Cheap. (Rs 49 per scoop, Rs 100 per ice cream cake slice and Rs 149 for a Belgian Waffle)

Intro: What should we eat in this sweltering heat? The answer is all over the place! On magazine covers, cooking channels, cookbooks and even little cycle carts! ICE CREAM. Bangalore has gone from the a few brands like Corner House, Vadilal, Dollops, Amul and Walls to Wily Vanilli, Bella Mooz, Mama Mia, etc. Ice cream stores can now be found at every corner in every area. Once we finished our sumptuous meal at Mandarin Express, we headed next door to Bella Mooz for dessert! They have ice cream, sundaes, ice cream cakes, waffles, baked alaska, smoozies and slurpies. Their tag line “It’s not heaven but its close” does it justice in the hot hot summer!

Service: Fast when they pay attention. Waffles and Baked Alaska takes ten to fifteen minutes.

Arashi: I have to confess I go to Bella Mooz quite often. Like Koromangala has its Wily Vanilli, MG Road has its Bella Mooz. What I particularly love is their whacky flavours. Cinnamon and Making Maple Go Nuts are two of my favourites, though the Cinnamon ice cream is quite spicy and it gets spicier as you eat, so be careful! I like the burn, but I couldn’t finish two medium scoops. I’ve tried tons of things here. The belgian waffle is prepared the way they make it in Belgium, all chewy and hard to cut into with loadsa toppings. The ice cream cake is also amazing and comes in two flavours coffee and chocolate. The price is reasonable too, with a value scoop for Rs 49. This is a must visit! The good news is they also deliver!!

V: I’m really not a big ice-cream person, but I really love the ice-cream cake. They only offer two flavours, chocolate and coffee, and honestly, the chocolate cake is better. And the fact that the chocolate ice-cream cake is always unavailable ( I’ve only had it once in the last three times I’ve gone there craving for cake) goes to show how fast it sells. Either that or they’re simply not stocking/making it as much. They have some innovative flavours here; the maple syrup ice cream reminds me instantly of pancakes, and sadly, I’ve started referring to it as pancake ice cream. The only other flavour I’ve tried here is the bitter chocolate, and it’s really too bitter for my taste. Their scoops are pretty huge; but for their prices, it’s pretty big serving. All in all, it’s a pretty nice place, especially if you are looking for different flavours. But I guess, it can get a tad bit tiring if you’ve visited it one time too many, which, I must confess, I have. So much for not being an ice-cream person.


Type: Ice Cream store
Ambience: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Desserts: 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)1/2
Service: 🙂 🙂 🙂
Meal types: Dessert
Features: Funky flavours and great waffles!

Menu –


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