Veekes and Thomas

Where it is: Kormangala near JNC, Jayanagar

Type: Chain Restaurant/Small Outlet
Category: Fusion Cuisine (Continental/Indian)
Pricing: Rs. 300 – 400 (Two people)

Introduction: Give it three chances and hopefully the third time is lucky. A motto we always go by. So we gave Veekes and Thomas three tries, only to be pretty disappointed each time. Don’t think we’ll head there again. We saw some visually appetizing pictures, heard rave reviews and were sold to try. The menu offered was quite detailed. We looked at their specials for the day. They offered a 5-course meal (Veg and Non Veg) which had a little bit of everything.  We tried both the platters. Here is our review.

Ambiance and Atmosphere: They have good ambience, though it doesn’t gel with the menu or the whole ‘fusion’ theme. It was brightly lit and half-empty the afternoon we entered. Seating arrangement is well spaced out giving customers their privacy.

The Food

Arashi: I’ve tried their tomato basil soup and a French onion soup. I beg to differ on “fusion” French onion soup. Hot water with browned onions, too much salt and pepper and no other flavour whatsoever is unpalatable and just makes a tasteless ‘Pyaaz ki shorba’. Shorba is usually much thinner than a soup. The tomato basil soup tasted like packaged tomato puree.When I went with friends, we tasted each other’s glasses to see why we had such extreme differing  opinions, only to see that one glass had way too much basil, one too much tomato, one too much salt, etc.

Su: We started with the tomato and basil soup. The unique chai glassed soup amused us for a while before we proceeded with the tasting. The tomato and basil soup was average at best. Its inconsistency has already been covered by Arashi.

Arashi: The Cajun mushrooms were served as three skewers, all too spicy and two skewers under-cooked. The spice was the not the good ‘too much spice’ which makes you want more but the bad ‘makes your throat itchy’ sort. The only good thing about it is the slight husky quality your voice acquires after consumption, which helps if you’re on a date! My views on the garlic bread differ as it was good on some visits but too crunchy on others. The bruschetta was really good and light while managing to be full of flavour. The BBQ chicken skewers were too dry and the lamb was not worth mentioning.

Su: We had the Cajun Mushrooms, which tasted more like spicy gravy than mushrooms. It was disappointing and we couldn’t go past three bites without a glass of water. The bruschetta was the highlight of the afternoon for me. They were light, fresh, and very palatable. The tomatoes and the olives were used well to make a good and tasty balance.

Main Course: (Pasta) 
Arashi: I’ve tried three of the pasta dishes. Lasagna is a dish that needs good grounding in the basics. It is easy to make, but if it fails, it fails royally. The chicken lasagna was HORRIBLE! I could have used that rubbery mass of flavourless-ness to enhance the soles of my old boots!! The friend with me, who loved V&T, wasted three-fourths of it. The arabiatta pasta was AWFUL as the sauce was so watery that it did away with the other flavours.  After the spicy cilantro pasta, I needed five glasses of water to keep it down and wasn’t able to taste anything else.

Su: The veg pasta arrabiata was not something I would remember. For a huge pasta lover like me it was less than appealing. The restaurant’s theme of fusion food might have gone one-step overboard by making the pasta spicy and dry. It didn’t have as much sauce in it as I would have liked nor did it have the ever so slight tang that I enjoy in its blend of flavours.

Main Course: (Chicken Steak/Veg Steak)
Arashi: The chicken steak and sauce was really good and different. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce had a beautiful Asian coconut milk tang to it, which made me very satisfied. But the mashed potatoes were lumpy like the stuff one makes from a tetra-pack and the vegetables were over-cooked and fibrous. But the chicken was bad on another visit, which only makes me question the chef’s consistency.

Su: The Vegetarian steak with Mexican Rice is probably the only dish that makes my mouth water as I write about this review. The steak was perfectly cooked and had a delicious set of flavours mixed into it. The sauce with steak and some Mexican rice made a great combination for some good chow down.

Arashi: I only had the brownie here. When it came, we couldn’t even see where the brownie was since the plate was the same colour. We played a game of stab the brownie with the spoon. After that, the amusement ended. The brownie was like liquid glue with random bits of burnt crunch.

Su: Being a dessert person, I had my fingers crossed for this one. Nothing fixes an average meal like a good dessert that stays with you long after, with a feeling of happiness and contentment. Our brownies arrived and it took us a while to take in the sight of it. Not because it looked that delicious or even because it looked fugly – It was simply hard to find in the brown, transparent plate on which it was served. The presentation led to disappointment and little amusement and we hoped it would taste better than it looked. Unfortunately, it tasted like sweet brown paste that had a mysterious crunch to it. As we tried a few more spoonfuls to identify this crunch, we realized it was sugar crystals that were left to their fate in this less than average brownie.

Arashi: My problem with this restaurant isn’t the fusion or the lack of classical cuisine. It lies with the lack of basic techniques in the cooking. While running a restaurant a chef should keep in mind consistency, flavour and presentation. The restaurant is lacking in all three. On a plus side, they also have good green ice tea. Will only head back if force is used, but I’ll only eat the bruschetta.

Su: The Spanish said, “The belly rules the mind.” My belly would definitely not opt for another visit to this fairly fusion restaurant again.

Ambience: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Food: 🙂 🙂
Service: 🙂 🙂 🙂
Features: Reasonable prices, tiny portions, good green ice tea.

Menu – (


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