Chili’s Grill & Bar

Complementary snack!

Where it is: Above Papa John’s Pizza, Airport Road, Bangalore, Near Total Mall

Type of food served: Mostly Mexican and American

Pricing: Expensive (Rs 1200)

Introduction:  If there is any cuisine in the world which makes us drool unceremoniously when its mentioned…its Mexican. The vibrant flavours detonate in one’s mouth, forcing tastebuds to send SOS signals to the brain due to the overload. We love authentic Mexican food…especially had in Texas. The food at Chilli’s just about meets the norm. They do have a pretty good grasp of flavours and their food does deliver. The portions are killer though and none should visit this restaurant without an army of stomachs at their disposal. Being forewarned we only tried a few items.

Ambience and Atmosphere: Chili’s is a Mexican styled Bar and Restaurant that isn’t afraid to be bold. Right from the entrance to walking up the stairs to reaching your designated table, one can see bold red posters of chillies everywhere. However, even though the restaurant has splashes of red everywhere, it is set to dim lighting that gives an exciting feeling of being in an old western classic. You have the option of sitting at their bar and enjoying a few drinks or their well-placed tables for small groups or couples or the plush seating for bigger groups.

Interesting Fact: They had separate menus for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Thankfully, the drinks menu was not separate so our table was not overflowing with different menus. After looking carefully over the menu, we ordered our drinks and settled for fajitas and a burger. They also serve tiny chillies as a complementary snacks!

The Food and Drink:

Non-alcoholic Margheritas


Arashi: They have an amazing variety of things to drink. I tried the non-alcoholic Margherita in orange and lemon flavours. Orange kicked ass. This was worth it.

Su: The mocktails weren’t great (doubt the Mexicans were ever known for Non-alcoholic drinks!) but the Long Island Ice tea was true to its charm and made with a perfect balance of alcohol. The Mojito was too diluted for our requirement but refreshing just the same!



Arashi: I had the tortilla chips with the mushroom and spinach dip. The presentation was quite funky with the dip sizzling away in the pan. It was really good. The cheese, spinach and mushroom blended beautifully with the tortilla chips giving the whole things a good crunch. But be wary, the portion is enough for 4 people and big enough to be a main course for two.

Su: The starters were delicious, especially the Texan French fries. Definitely, worth a mouth-watering visit back there for it! The stuffed mushrooms went down really well with the drinks.

Chicken Quesadillas!

Main Course:

Arashi: I had Chicken Quesadillas which was accompanied by guacamole, refried beans, sour cream, salsa and rice (switched it for mashed potatoes). The quesadillas were succulent, the guacamole had the perfect tang and the salsa was exactly what I’d had in Texas. The mashed potatoes were amazing, if heavy, due to excessive butter and cheese. My problem lay with the refried beans. Indians tend to think refried beans should be made like “rajma curry” which is far from the truth. Refried beans usually looks like a bean mash and has a particular flavour. The beans are cooked in a specific way and DO NOT HAVE GRAVY.

Su: As for the main course, I will start with the lone burger before getting to the fajitas. The burger was absolutely yummy and very filling. It came with a large side portion of fries that made everybody happy. The ranch dressing used in the burger is worth a special mention. We had never tasted a dressing so uniquely made with a wonderful blend of flavours. The fajitas, on the other hand, were good but not exceptional. The vegetarian paneer fajitas was slightly undercooked and tasted bland even though there were various ingredients mixed in different proportions. The vegetarian fajitas were good with a great mix of sizzling vegetables in a creamy sauce. The chicken fajitas were also made well. The chicken was cooked just right and served in decent proportions. The fun thing about eating fajitas at Chili’s is that they give you a small demo on how to make one. Once that is done, you and your food are left to your fate. You make your own fajitas with the variety of ingredients given to you. You can choose whichever ingredient and how much ever your palate deserves. The result maybe something a little messy but it was still a fun experience!


We skipped dessert because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk after the main course. The food here is best shared with friends and the restaurant will help create bonding moments. 🙂

Awrds for Chilli’s


Type: Chain restaurant

Ambience: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Food: 😀 😀 😀 1/2

Service: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Meal types: Soup, starter, main course, dessert (small portions)

Features: Huge portions, fast service, good variety of drinks.



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